Posted by: lisakay8 | July 8, 2010

We made it on the VU webpage!!!!

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 21, 2010

Total Miles….

We traveled 5,626 miles, through 7 states, with 2 busted tires & 2 snake encounterssssss….

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 18, 2010

Storm Chase Last Day 6/17/10

Well, our storm chase team made it back today (videos to come). I’m sure it was bitter sweet to all of us. We wanted to stick around and chase the tornado outbreak near Minnesota & North Dakota today; but we had places to go, people to see, and careers or internships to start. To be completely honest, I was very weary of going on the trip in the beginning. Ten days of driving all day; with random cow smells invading the car, bugs of nightmare size (for me, think the end of the movie IT spider), and a couple of snake encounters just didn’t seem like my idea of a vacation, but in the end…  I wouldn’t exchange the past ten days for the world.  I crossed off the main bullet on my bucket list (seeing a tornado), traveled across the great plains of the US, and learned more about one of the greatest passions in my life in the past ten days than I could have ever imagined. Storm chasing to meteorology majors like us, is not just an adrenaline rush of cool storms, it’s a learning experience we will never forget & we hope to use the knowledge we’ve gained to help save lives and property in the future.

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We made the NWI Times!

Check out this link!

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 17, 2010

Chase Day Ten Photos

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 17, 2010

Chase Day 10 6/16/10

Another off day, we cruised back toward home & hit up the King Kong Restraint, were Cobb & Hogan took out the 2lb burger ;).  Heading back tomorrow!

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 16, 2010

Off day pictures…

End pict is the lucky/unlucky ducky…Chris rubbed it and it was bad luck, so I counterbalanced it by squeezing it & we saw our first tornado!

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 16, 2010

Storm Chase Day 9 6/15/10

Another off day…We went to Chimney Rock, Monument Rock, & carhenge. In Alliance, NE today to set up for tomorrow. Could be last day of chasing. Heading back thursday. Wish us luck! Videos will be up soon!

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 16, 2010

Storm Chase Day 8 6/14/10

The severe weather looks to be too far south, so we took the day off and went site seeing.  We visited Slapout, OK (Population 8); Land of Oz, OK; Hooker, OK;  Greensburg, KS; & ate at an awesome steakhouse in Garden City, KS. We then took over the pool at the hotel!!! 😉

Posted by: lisakay8 | June 15, 2010

Storm Chase Day 7 6/13/10

The target area for today was the pan handle of Texas.  Which I was excited for since yesterday was my first time in Texas (where I am definitely sending my resume tapes). The set up seemed pretty close to what we had yesterday, without a hatched hail area.  We had a good set up of parameters… good CAPE, CINH, moisture, & ok shear.  THe LCL heights were a little higher than wanted, but we could already see the boundary as we got into Texas. We set up at our hot spot we went to yesterday (with the mini house) and then found an even better parking lot down the street.  That’s where we saw the closest tornado genesis ever! And by close I mean less than a mile, which I am not exaggerating.  There was circulation on the ground & the funnel was half way to the ground! We then saw another one just a few minutes later! So Texas gave us our 3rd & 4th tornadoes for the chase! We then got to see an awesome hail storm, but not before an intense heat burst hit us raising the temp 8 degrees is a few seconds. The color contrast in from the hail was amazing!!! 7 states so far-Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, & Texas. Total miles so far for the chase…3862.0

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